Pace Able & COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, much has changed for Pace Able Foundation and our grantee partners. But what has not changed is our vision of a world of peace through ability. We’re rededicating and adding additional resources toward our mission as an advisor and funder for early-stage social ventures; our partners.


  • Pace Able Foundation is focusing on support to our existing partners – increasing our advisory and financial support. We believe our dedication to working side-by-side with our partners on their toughest problems is even more important now.
  • Our “adjunct specialist” program continues, where we have organized and subsidized assistance in: leadership development, financial analysis and planning experts to work with our partners. Again, this support is – if possible – more relevant and needed at this time. We plan to add to this roster of adjunct supporters as opportunity opens.
  • We applaud fellow funders who are increasing their giving in this unprecedented time. Our partners – and yours – need to survive this time, and be in a position to serve their communities as soon as governments and economies allow. This will be the most pressing philanthropic need of the decade, at least.
  • For the immediate term, our communication and support will be “virtually” via 1:1 calls and group training.
  • We also plan to initiate an internal distribution dialogue to share best ideas and resources. We encourage others in the impact space to look to create and nurture opportunities for outreach, team building, and support using available tools: video conferencing, text, and email.

Our partners and other social impact workers are in for very hard work and tough going in the coming months as they assist the underserved in our societies. They need our advice, our financial support, and also our wishes and moral support.

Read the COVID-19 advice we gave our partners, learned from the 2008 recession.